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USA ANGEL INVESTORS tend to invest in business ideas with strong development potential. Even if the main base is in the United States of America, the operations have a global coverage, providing the required capital for most projects or deals, in most sectors and areas.



All entrepreneurs with interesting business ideas can submit a brief.


Angel investors are interested to hear about your business idea, even if you have no previous experience as an entrepreneur. Never too early or too late to start a business.


Search each website page available here and find a good fit!


If you have a technology smart idea, a new app, a new game or a fintech start-up, angel investors would be happy to hear from you.


If you have a renewable energy project or just an idea on how to generate more efficient energy please send a brief.


If you have any business in green, or a good recycling, waste management business idea please send a brief.


As real estate and land development is always a good investment, many investors would like to hear about your idea, plan or project.


If you have a business idea in agriculture or food industry, many investors are interested to provide support.
Angel investors funding projects deals start-ups in real estate energy agriculture medical & new technology! Do you prefer Investors or Loans? Interested?
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  Investors, searching for good investment opportunities. Providing Capital to Entrepreneurs, Funding Investments, Start-ups, Real Estate, Project Finance,
Private Equity, Financing Acquisitions, Bridge Loans, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, Europe,
Investors funding deals and projects in Real Estate, Renewable Energy Projects, Start-ups and More! See website! Join our team! Project Finance, Loans, Financing Acquisitions,

 Investors, cash buyers, providing the capital you need! Equity Funding, Joint Venture Investments, Bridge Financing, Venture Capital, Angel Investing, Small Business Loans,

Gap Loans, as well as other innovative funding solutions. You can always benefit of access to       Cash Buyers,

Trade Finance, Sales Financing, Fix and Flip Funding, Hard Money Loans, Start- up Funding, Project Finance, Acquisition Financing, Factoring, Startup Business Funding, Capital Equipment Financing,

Angel investors, small business loans

Welcome to a great group of investors and buyers! ,   For your business idea, project or start-up you can get help from Angel investors, Venture Capital Firms, Private Investment Groups, Hard Money Lenders and other funding sources. Search each website link available here to find a financial partner that is a good fit! Angel investors would help with about $200,000 or even $500,000. This is what you normally should expect from Angel investors. Venture Capital Firms would help with about $2 Million but are happy to invest even very large amounts if required. Investors, both local and international can invest and/or provide loans usually of about $2,000,000 to $5,000,000 but the total amounts invested can go well up in many projects.

South Africa investors have a long history, investing, providing the funds,   required for projects and businesses of all sizes. We are mainly interested in Real Estate, Transports, Agriculture, Technology as well as any other idea with strong development chances. We would like to mention that we do have extensive experience investing in Hotels and Resorts. Although we traditionally invest in South Africa, today more than 50% of our investments, our assets, are in USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia. We strongly support the South African communities living today in all mentioned countries and regions..

Find the right investor, private equity funding solution,   venture capital firm, investment banker, for almost any project or    business deal.
  London Group is searching for start-ups, property, energy projects,
deals in other sectors to directly invest or arrange funding.
  We are here to help you achieve your dreams by providing multiple funding solutions,
investors and loan choices. We have all business loan options in one place, you pick the one that fits. All while maintaining integrity and trust. Get your projects funded quickly!
  Investments & Loans, Funding Made Easy! Local, National
& Cross Border Funding. Work as a Broker! Join us!
  Investors, looking for promising deals!  Let’s work
together! More information available on website.
A Private Investment Group! Funds available for investments in your area!
See website for more alternative funding possibilities. Join the team or start as a Broker!
New investment fund searching for investment opportunities.
Flexible Financing for your investments and business. A great opportunity!
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Hello everyone! We're opening several new local representative offices.
Let me know if interested. Also, great jobs available! We provide assistance to several
investment groups interested to expand, invest in property,
long term, (buy and hold) and other businesses, even start-ups, projects in Energy and most other sectors,
with acceptable ROI and development chances.
Investor, Financial Partner, Supplier! Export, Import, Equipment,
Real Estate, Vehicles, Car fleet, investment Work on your projects with us! Search the website for more.

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  Investing in medical, clinics hospitals real estate, medical equipment, devices,
Investing, medical clinic, hospital equipment, Trauma, implants, Startups, Capital, Investors, Loans, Funding
Funding Real Estate, Power Generation Equipment With Great Financial Solutions.
Power Plants, Renewable Energy Deals, Investments, Project Finance, Real Estate.
Work on your projects with us! Search the website.

LinkedIn investors is a great place to find angel investors for your business idea, cash buyers for your real estate deal, venture capital firms to help your projects, regular bankers or investment banks to arrange financing for your business and many other funding sources.   Here you can find a great frequently updated selection of Angel Investors, Cash Buyers, Venture Capital Firms, Investment Bankers, and many other funding sources, all in one place to save you a lot of time. Find more about Real Estate Investing, Construction Financing, Funding, Loans, Bonds, Guarantees, Project Finance, Capital, Financing, Start-up, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Loan, Guarantee, Bond, Hard Money Lender, Startup, Small Business Loan, Real Estate Investment, Land Development, Property, Investors, Bridge Loan, Investor, Hedge Funds, Funds, Renewable Energy, Natural Resources, and much more. Free Access To Valuable Information! Just visit the companies available here!
  Investors, Searching for good opportunities! We can provide the guarantees for the success of your business or project. Search website for best financial solutions.

If you want to get funded, to learn more about angel investors, venture capital firms and other funding sources you should visit the links available here.   Do you keep a list of best funding sources available on Twitter? You need to contact them now. Social Capital Providers are a great source for all entrepreneurs, investors, start-ups, and people with great business ideas. They work with thousands of entrepreneurs and get pitched thousands of times a year! Project Finance investors funding

Investors New York makes investments and provides the required capital for most projects or deals, in most sectors and areas. We review all business initiatives submitted to us by entrepreneurs.   You can be the Manager of an early stage start-up, of an established company interested to expand or, you can be an entrepreneur with a great business idea or with just a good real estate deal. Equity Funding

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